Which iPad for navigation?

Selecting an iPad for navigation is not as complicated as some say.  Any iPad will work.  The major difference is whether or not an external GPS receiver is required. All iPads with cellular data functionality have a built-in GPS receiver.  Apple denotes these iPads as WiFi+Cellular, WiFi+3G, (update: WiFi+4G).  No additional hardware is required to... Continue Reading →

DIY Arid Bilge or Dry Bilge System

Manual and automatic bilge pumps, whether submersible centrifugal pumps or remotely mounted diaphragm pumps, cannot completely clear a bilge of water.  Typically 1-3" of water remains.  In a shallow bilge boat like the Catalina 25 used for this prototype system, this can lead to a substantial volume of water remaining in the bilge.  Water in the bilge can cause serious problems on many boats, including causing wood stringers to rot... Continue Reading →

Catalina 425 Review (Preliminary)

At the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis this past October, Catalina Yachts staffers mentioned a new project, the Catalina 425, which would return Catalina to the three stateroom sailboat market.  On November 2, Catalina issued a press release announcing the Catalina 425 will be available in the spring of 2016.  The boat's interior arrangement comes with three staterooms. The... Continue Reading →

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